Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Whats In The Box.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

One thing I am not is a hoarder.
I get thing's and I replace thing's, I throw them away I sell them and I give thing's away.
When I'm bored of something (which is pretty quick but I place the blame of that firmly onto Music & Clothing) I don't think twice (especially in my house) of getting rid and few thing's seem to tie me down emotionally enough to keep although obviously there are photo's that I treasure but I like to keep on top of it, because if you don't it just turns into clutter and that eventually does my O.C.D thinking head right in.
But throughout the year's of me being slightly obsessive on the clothing front and being so much into a certain sub culture and scene there is a collection of thing's that I just won't throw away (and I know I'm not the only one).

Don't ask me how I found this link but I found it quite amusing/informative (delete as appropriate) on how to de-clutter your home - a minimalist.

Anyways back to me.....
Labels and swing tags.
And I think it goes back to the original points of being a working class lad who did what he had to do to fund his filthy habits and so when I finally had what I wanted in my hands I just couldn't part with it... any part of it.
So I would secure a house check scarf and I would get it home and have a look at it (at this point in my young life I wasn't in the habit of taking photos of them although I wish I had) and really take in the colour and feel of it, I would try it on and then I would carefully remove the swing tag with scissors and pop it safely somewhere.... sad but true.
I would do this with everything I bought from jackets to shirts, denim to trainers and shoes, every time almost like a religious act, and the stupid part about it was I was ruining these threads left right and centre until eventually the only part left of it would be it's swing tags and labels that were stored neatly in a tin.
Not much has changed although I am not in the habit of going out and wrecking these garments anymore, different times different thinking and much better feelings elsewhere.

A new label came about a few years back now in the form of Clerk & Teller - a label very much part of a more underground casual look, it was a refreshing change to see the clothing they were bringing out in the form of technical jackets in gorgeous oatmeal tweed's and cagoules and fantastic knit polo's alongside well made oxford and check shirts and at the time I couldn't get enough so over a small period of time I had collected quite a few of these special boxes they sent their garments in (quite similar to Dupe in the fact I think they overdid the product and packaging and would eventually be their downfall much like Dupe).
Regretfully over the years I have used a good number of these boxes to send items in through the post so I only have 2 left, but they have become my swing tags and labels homes.
I'm not the only one but I love looking at the labels still today, even now when I buy something I look at the swing tags and the stitched label on the inside of a jacket, a silly little kick I have but something I love.
So I have collected these boxes of tags and I thought I would share a selection, no order because there isn't any order to them I just picked a handful out and laid them down, lot's of labels I could see that I wouldn't wear now but that's the beauty of evolving and moving on, it feels good but I know my root's and I remember what I used to love, so a few photos for the post.



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