Thursday, 14 July 2011

Glass Siren - Disco Pharmacy..... Shaun Dangerfield.

I'm a sucker for detail's, if something's been done well or is well made then I'm all over it like a bee on honey. It's the little take's that I enjoy most, I probably enjoyed unwrapping this and appreciating the work and time that has gone into it more than hanging the piece up.
Glass Siren has been on the radar for a few years and I've had some of Damon's work in the past, we lean in similar direction's and you can clearly see his passion for art, clothing and music - it come's through in his work and like any walk of life you know when something is good because the product sell's itself and give's it's own story.
He produce's both artwork and clothing and there is something on there for everyone to appreciate, have a good look for yourselves....

I recently picked up his "Disco Pharmacy" tee for clubbing mainly- the garment has undergone acid surface treatment and goes through many stages of development to get to the finished product.
He explores the dyeing process and fabric treatments to give his work a unique look and feel and this continues throughout his clothing range.
From the presentation printed box it is served up in to the wax sealed swing tag's that reveal it's dye process information, the tag's sewn into the neck and on the arm all add to the all round look and feel of an item that has been in a long process of being crafted and sampled to reach it's final product.
All in all very happy.


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