Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Put This In Your Lug Holes..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I think we may have mentioned we were holding an all day and night event starting on a rooftop ? probably ?
Well for those who were there you know what a great party it was thank's to the lovely people that turned up and made it what it was, dancing in the rain with umbrella's, on tables on chairs under a rainbow and the epic moment when the sun burst through the grey sky as LCD soundsystem peaked on a very nice system on the Big Chill House's rooftop.
The lads put out set's that flowed like electricity through the air and looking round at all the beaming face's just enhanced the pleasure, part of what we pride our night on is the fantastic people that follow us, no pretentiousness and no ill feeling just love and good times (which unfortunately wasn't shared throughout other parts of London).
I hope all those in London stay safe throughout these testing time's that is scarred by the mindless idiot's currently bringing the capital to it's knees, although it has heavily over shadowed our weekend I'm hoping people see through it and don't let it get them down and let them win.
So on a good note and to add to the memories of those who attended and for those who wanted to be there I have uploaded my 2 mixes from our event at Kings Cross's Big Chill House.
The rooftop mix is fine but unfortunately the Inside mix is a bit shaky in small parts and I'm assuming I need to change the leads on my cd recorder, nothing major but minor glitches in quality I can notice.
I hope you enjoy and they brighten your day's up.

Set 1 - the rooftop.

The Boogie Cartel Presents.... Rooftop Big Chill House August 6th 2011 by Captain Turtle

Set 2 - Inside Big Chill.

The Boogie Cartel Presents.... Inside Big Chill House August 6th 2011 by Captain Turtle

Much Love from the Boogie Cartel.....

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