Sunday, 14 August 2011

Revived..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Delving into the past and pulling out musical history is no different to crate digging for me, over the years of endless searching for 12 and 7 inches that I "needed" in my life I get just as much enjoyment finding tracks and mixes from an age long gone but sound as fresh today as they did when they were made and first heard, don't get me wrong for listening pleasure the crackle and the pop of a needle win's every time but as I have said so many time's in various conversation's when your DJ'ing or playing music to people it's the end product that count's, the final sound, the sound that you put out be it on vinyl or cd.
Finding various early mixes - chicago house, electrofunk, boogie, original breaks & disco just makes trawling worthwhile.
This Greg Wilson mix from 1983 for Piccadilly radio is pretty special not just because it includes some of my favourite records but just for those who wasn't around at the time it gives an insight into what was going on and the different sounds the 80's created by some of the amazing DJ's that were doing their thing, just below is another mix that is available on a few downloads but not on a stream so I've re-upped it so you can just play it - Kenny Jammin Jason with his wbmx mix from 1984, as is highlighted elsewhere he play's keyboard live in the mix over some of the tracks, something that isn't fantastic sounding but again to just listen to it and think its 27 years old is something in itself and again some of my personal favourite's are included, records that to me sound as great now as they did then.
I will keep adding uploads of mixes from back in the day and adding the one's on here that float my boat the most but for now I'll keep it up with these 2.
First up Kenny Jammin Jason wbmx mix from 1984, then below is Greg's Freak a zoid mix from 1983.

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