Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sign Of The Times..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

If I had a pound for every time I have read about the twinning of the early 80's to the present day I would probably have a pocket full of 'oooooh' 11 pound coin's maybe ? double it up with the same in chit chat and I would probably have £24.
While I can understand how so many have come to think about this in Britain's (and the worlds) current climate with the economic state and the Tories in power bleeding the working class dry I can't help wondering why nobody has saw past this and taken the present day for what it is and appreciate it while focusing on much brighter day's than the early 80's that we have been compared with.
From the dark destitute day's of the 80's and the clear cut class system I can't fully accept that were in such a horrid place especially when your meeting so many amazing people at various night's who are having just as good a time as you and when fashion in it's various forms is thriving especially in it's niche markets and label's.
The whole heritage and workwear boom in it's own right surely would be a cheaper alternative to many fashion items ? The link's to back in the day would see to that wouldn't it ?
Not a chance and you can't link it up with a view that it's from poorer time's and twin it to the present day. Chore jackets and engineer jackets passing through hands for hundred's of pounds and if Junya Watanabe's effort's are anything to go by (although fantastic) you can hardly compare it to such testing time's where people were unsure where their next meal would be coming from and workwear was exactly that.... "work wear".
So while the working class are pretty hard done by at the moment a large majority are still seeing through it and clutching at the sunshine that is so desperately trying to surface. I look around at the night's I play at and where I venture to and appreciate the fact that all the people present are there for the right reasons and that they don't get down so easily.
The way they are dancing and the way they are dressed it's not a young movement it's nothing new it's just Britain getting on with it and not accepting that they are basically here to work in order to survive. Not this crowd.... the people I meet and the people I know are here making the most of their lives to the fullest extent.
And that includes clothing and music two massive factor's of getting through life with a rather large smile on your dial, there are other factor's that accompany these for example recreational drug's and travelling but I want to concentrate on clothing and music.
In the circles I revolve in people are dressing differently and more individually, they have done for some time and there are little scene's developing within scene's as lad's move on from a certain sub culture associated to football you can pretty much seal the lid on the coffin for any kind of movement within the football scene as it's dated and stale and now conform's within itself.
I know so many who have moved on and in a big part you can thank music and modern fashion, modern time's. Lad's are not dressing similarly but doing their own thing and putting their own take on it which is massively refreshing and again to my point it's not all bad and I refuse to be twinned with much darker time's, when your craving creativity step outside of the box and think about it as there are smaller scene's and movements evolving around fashion and music, there are no name's for it but you can see by how people are dressing as to who's part of it without having to be pigeon holed under a banner.
Musically we could be on the verge of a third summer of love in my humble opinion (for me anyway, maybe I'll enjoy it on my own) with such great night's flooding our streets and the togetherness it bring's it's certainly a far cry from a country with no hope in it's working class circles, if you want to twin us with 88/89 I can handle that and look forward to the free love attitude but without the large smiley face acid tee shirts obviously.
Here's to tomorrow.


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