Thursday, 8 September 2011

YMC A/W 2011.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

As I browsed through the lookbook I instantly thought how pleasing on the eye they were, another point showing how their clothing can be put together when you look past them as individual pieces.
I like YMC and always have, I would not say it's all my thing because like any label there are good and bad point's and it's all personal to the wearer as your own opinion is the only opinion that matter's at the end of the day.
Looking through the saturated photo's I appreciated not just the style's but the whole package as a photo and as a lookbook it was all aesthetically pleasing.
Very similar to what they turned out last Autumn & Winter and there are a few piece's I would happily buy. I have pin pointed the camo shirt and the navy work jacket in like a sweatshirt material as other purchase's during my last heavy splurge on winter clothing which I'll put into operation in a couple of week's.
Some gorgeous thread's out this year from other labels too and nice to see thing's progressively changing (in some labels and in certain areas of other labels) from your standard wear & tear that's been on offer for the last few years which have run it's course I think.
However I wouldn't say this was anything new from YMC but a good look for the coming colder months, I think I prefer the female range & style and what they have going on but whatever locked me in on these photo's certainly worked.
Without any more of my rambling's as I could be here all day I'll put up the lookbook.


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