Wednesday, 19 October 2011

ISM Records present Futurism promo mix...By Saul Wilks

On the Boogie Cartel front we've got some ace things going on at the moment starting with this coming Saturdays Futurism party with the ISM records collective. To be asked to play at their opening night is something of an honor as the label is a stalwart on the modern disco scene with releases from some of the biggest names around.

To go with the promotion of the night I decided to break my silence and recorded this following mix. Encapsulating a number of my favourite jams and joints at the moment, this is pure Boogie Cartel sleaze and represents what we're about perfectly - for any regular reader, you'll probably know what to expect so I invite you to have a listen and enjoy.

ISM Promo mix

Bicep edits - Say you wanna
Unique - What I got is what you need (Ste Edge edit)
Sharon Redd - Love how you feel
Change - Don't wait another night
Mikki ft Stars - Dance lover
Gayle Adams - Love attraction
Katie Kissoon - You're the only one
Samson and Delilah - I can feel your love slipping away
Family Brown - I'm gonna get cha
Chemise - She cant love you
Starshine - All I need is you (Instrumental)

Boogie Cartel mix for the forthcoming Futurism party at Road House by Electric Boogie

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