Friday, 21 October 2011

Take Note..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I'm sure if your from Brixton you will already know about Brixton's own currency that is in circulation, It's a new thing for me I missed the boat on the original idea and 2009 release so catching it on the second wave had me reading.
The Brixton pound - useable only between SW2 and the SW9 postcode was set up in 2009 to bring life and growth into the local area and local trade encouraging people to spend their money locally because basically if you bought the Brixton currency you have no choice but to spend it within the area.

But the clever side to it (and one of the reason's I looked twice) is that they use a variety of printing techniques and famous faces and being a massive Bowie fan I instantly thought "I'll get one of those just to keep" and I would imagine I wasn't the only one.
So with David Bowie making a very exotic arty appearance on the £10 who am I to say no.
Using watermarked paper and colourful holograms, foil and fluorescent ink they are pretty jazzy to look at, a massive money spinner obviously but a clever idea I think.
A local design team made the new 2011 batch of notes replacing the older 2009 currency.... "This Ain't Rock'n'Roll ltd" are the design company behind it and have done a pretty good job too in my humble opinion.

The new batch contain Len Garrison on the pound note, Luol Deng on the fiver, Mr Bowie himself on the common tenner and the second lady to be awarded the George Cross Violette Szabo is respectfully on the £20 note.

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