Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Belfast's The Bureau..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

It's all a bit samey isn't it, you can trawl through various internet web shop's or in store and you see the same thing's.
So to step outside of that and have somewhere choose and stock their clothing for the right reason's as opposed to simply hype is nice to see, and once you have sifted through all the bull s**t of what they want to tell you on the different site's how many are actually left that are worth browsing and shopping with ? I can probably count them on one hand but right up there for me is The Bureau in Belfast.
Their choice of label's are draped in character and soul and are rich in style. Quality clothing as opposed to high end fashion which is something I share. I don't want the next big thing for 6 month's I want a quality product to help build a continuous wardrobe, thing's that get better with age and don't fall out of fashion because they were never in fashion, just quality in term's of material, design, cut and item's that I love wearing.
And you get that with The Bureau, stocking Post Overall's, Nigel Cabourn, ts(s), Anachranorm, Nanamica, Gitman bros vintage and many other's including their own young label Merchant's and Missionaries providing a host of Shirt's and fine knit.
They always take time out to reply to your mail's or question's and their customer service is second to none.
Take a look at them here if you have not done so yet, or a refresher if it's been a while......



No amount of word's can take the place of visual's so I've got a few choice photo's from them that I've enjoyed looking at this year......

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  1. My first stop each and every time I work in Belfast.
    Good lads in there too