Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday night is music night..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Few sound's to chill you out this Friday night, don't want anybody getting emotional now..... just chilled.

First up is a hot unreleased effort of Odyssey's "Inside Out", jam packed full of love, soul & flavour it's one for you to reach first base with after a nice bath, sleazing it right up but keeping a sensual edge because you don't want it to get too heated just yet, do you?
Next up are the Chi-Lites presenting you with a funky soul based number in "The Devil is doing his work" with your man Disco-Tech on edit duty, a second stage record to heat it up a bit and get thing's burning.
Keeping thing's tight and close while simmering gently and on third base are The Commodores with "Goin to the bank" keeping thing's tightly fused with a base riddled funky jam, if this track doesn't get you to the sexual health clinic for a check up then there's no hope for you.......
Last up MagneticSoul's East side slut another work in progress unreleased track, this is nice and deep for your Friday..... you do like it deep don't you ? I thought you did, just by the way you looked at me with that twinkle in your eye.....

Odyssey "Inside Out" (Al Kent Classic Mix) by milliondollardisco

The Chi-Lites - The Devil Is Doing His Work (Disco Tech edit) by Disco Tech

Goin' to the Bank (Space Duke Edit - Dynamicron Re-Touch) by Dynamicron

Eastside Slut by MagneticSoul

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