Friday, 9 December 2011

Lewis.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I had it all in my head what I was going to write here and I typed it all out but it was just too personal.
I'm going to keep it short this year, I want to keep the memory of him alive and well, enough to be thankful for what I had but also to keep it under control with what I have lost.
RIP Lewis Dangerfield, so much love, your by my side every day. x

I've not had a great week over thinking and pondering and I tried to put a mix together of his favourite song's but I just couldn't do it, or finish it anyway.
So I have put 3 records together that mean the world. We would sit there and I would play my records to him and he loved the Beatles. Yellow Submarine being his favourite but as time has passed the song that mean's more to me is Let It Be, he loved listening to it which makes it memorable for me but hard to listen to, I only usually play it to myself.
Another record he loved was Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and to this day it cut's me up, but I love it, so they are the first 2 records and last is Sharon Forrester's version of Here Comes The Sun which I hold very dear as through those dark period's it was one of the record's that I would play and it would instantly lift me, the power of music should never be underestimated, for me it helped heal it's as simple as that, all that raw emotion was helped through with music.

When he passed away was when I started DJ'ing again and it was focus for me and something I could put my energy into, music is something I'm forever thankful for and every time I play I always have a moment and think of him and I hope that I'm doing him proud.

A record I wanted to put in this mix again but I couldn't is LCD Soundsystem 45:33, a record so special to me for so many different reason's. When I was going through it I would put this on and from the first crackle of the needle it was just pure and instant bliss and relief, if I could describe the record to you and if you can imagine looking out onto the horizon with a sun set lowering but giving you enough heat and enough hope to help you think of the future then this is it, it got me through the bad time's and then I shared very special time's with it, most notably playing it over 36 time's in a row at Saul's house and just appreciating it for exactly what it is and giving the record new meaning for it for me to keep. I still play it out now and I will continue to do so for as long as I DJ.

Much love to all

Shaun x


  1. Mate - both of you always in my thoughts this time of year.

    RIP Lewis xx

    Best regards - Danny (LFC).

  2. xxxxx Was thinking of you, Fabs xxxxxx

  3. Danny lad, sorry mate I've only just these messages, thanks for getting in touch nice to see your name about ! hope your well pal ?
    All the best