Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hipster Star Wars.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I love illustration's, I love Star Wars and I love clothing, so how about this for a bit of eye candy.
Hong Kong illustrator John Woo's solo exhibition entitled "HE WEARS IT" with his set of Star Wars creation's teamed up with various designer's clothing, perfect, not completely my bag clothing wise but fussy mean's less eh ?
The Junya is without doubt my favourite, I know I've entitled this Star Wars only but he has other illustration's too included in this and I "had" to include the Joker and Forrest Gump which I think look ace.
It's almost spurred me to do some more of my own illustration's in clothing that I'm inspired by, watch this space.

Shaun El Horn Dangerfield.

In order -
1 - Band of Outsiders post card
2 - At-At Pilot wear's Moncler
3-5 - Boba Fett wear's Supreme & Visvim
6-8 - Chewbacca dressed outdoorstyle
9-11 - Clone Shock Trooper wear's Junya Watanabe
12 & 13 - Clone Trooper wear's APC
14-16 - Coruscant Clone Trooper wear's White Mountaineering
17 - Darth Vader wear's Band of Outsiders
18 & 19 - Jango Fett wear's CDG
20 - Jar Jar Binks wear's Maison Martin Margiela
21 & 22 - Scout Trooper wear's Viktor & Rolf
23 & 24 - Storm Trooper wear's Thom Browne New York
25 & 26 - Tusken Raider wear's Number (N)ine
27-29 - The Joker wear's Junya Watanabe
30-32 - Forrest Gump wear's Fisherman style
33 - Extra image of At-At Pilot wearing Moncler Gamme Bleu

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