Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Oliver Spencer Quay...By Saul Wilks.

To say I was spoiled this Christmas is probably an understatement... No wait, that's a blatant lie, I was spoiled rotten like a 10 year old only child rich kid. God only knows how I managed to be on the receiving end of so many ace presents, but life is just I suppose.

As always, my girlfriend was bang on the money and scored some massive bonus points by handing me this delectably beautiful Oliver Spencer Quay jacket on Christmas Eve morning. I love that girl.

This is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous pieces of outwear I've ever owned, and that's saying a lot for someone whose owned more jackets and coats over the years than you can shake a big fat titanic shaped stick at.

Oliver Spencer has always and will always be one of my favourite labels, the sheer quality, classical style and timeless appeal that it holds is never faltering, consistently producing delicious pieces of clothing that makes my mind melt...


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