Monday, 16 January 2012

Raving 89, a photographic book by Gavin Watson... By Saul Wilks.

I've been a fan of Gavin Watson's photography since I was given a book by a chap who works for PYMCA (Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive) when I was a young pup. It was a coffee table effort not available to buy in the shops, charting every youth sub culture associated with a music scene from the days of the original mods.

Gavin Watson's photos featured prominently throughout that book, from his early days as a Wycombe based Skinhead to his ecstasy inspired partying days during the acid house scene so when I became aware that DJ history had commissioned a book of his photos chosen from those heady days of illegal warehouse parties and fuzzy memories I knew I had to have it.

The collection on a whole is an honest and humorous insight into people getting off it and dancing to the music they love during one of the most important times of recent social history. I can pretty much relate to those pictures of gurning and happy smiles every time we throw a Boogie Cartel party... although in hindsight, we probably don't see as many twatted faces at ours. Just.

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