Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Slow it down son...By Saul Wilks

It might just be down to the fact that I haven't had a jump for a week but I've had the proper horn for some sleazed up and slowed down sounds lately (hang tight, there's mix coming)...

I've been picking through some recent and not so recent numbers to post up, most of which have been getting  a pure hammering on my decks and ipod over the last week or so, so here's a double dose of sexual chocolate for you to go and gorge on...

I wont blurt on too much, there's method in my sexual madness and it doesn't come more slinky than this gorgeous slice of sleaze courtesy of the Dead Rose Music Company. Its got sex written all over it, and if like me your bird lives in another city it's records like this that keep that insatiable burn deep in the groin roaring away, ready to go at the first available opportunity.. eh, yeah... Check out the record. Blinding stuff.

Good stuff eh? Following on from the goodness that is Dead Rose Music Comapny I've been addicted to this  killer lick from High Fashion. This is a pure  grinding slow electro-funk number that must have been made whilst the whole band were high from snorting Viagra, make so mistake, it's that horny. From the first beat it drips with sleaze and I love it, mainly because it's a wicked record, but mostly because it makes me want to get naked and touch my girlfriend which if you think about it from a sexual charged perspective, like I am now, is pretty much what all music should aim to do.. apart from gospel, buts that's a god thing so you know.

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