Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Such an Anorak...By Saul Wilks

The internet is full of anoraks isn't it? You only have to take a trip around the blogsphere to find them, ranging from obsessive trainer heads to grown blokes who collect action figures and the like - they're all there but each to their own and all that jazz.

If truth be told, we're a bit anorak ourselves, though we like to express it through the love of the aforementioned garment. Windbreaker, anorak, waterproof, pull over, whatever you want to call it, if you've got a decent one to hand in the summer or drizzle then it definitely sets you apart.

I've had this in my cross-hares from day one. Band Of Outsiders are a Hollywood based label that create some pretty amazing outwear. I'd be lying if I said I'd bought anything from them before, but the past few seasons collections have been consistently ace.

End upped some proper tasty bits of kit on their website that are available this season and although the prices are pretty steep I can't get away from how extraordinarily beautiful they look. It Just so happens I've got a handsome bonus coming this month as well which comes in handy when you want to drop some wedge.

I've chosen what I reckon is the pick of the bunch - the overhead windbreaker - constructed from waxed cotton and canvas in this glorious red. It's rather beautiful isn't it? roll on pay day... pretty perfect summer outwear straight from the sunshine state.

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