Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mackintosh Clisham... by Shaun Dangerfield

My passion for outerwear just won't go away.
It's a 17 year disease that has saw me through probably thousand's of jackets.
Being from a football background (and although you never mean to at the time) it's very easy to fall into a trap of buying a certain set of labels that fit your clothing ethos like a glove.
Through the years spending my hard earned on Stone Island, C.P company, Mandarina Duck, 6876, Belstaff, Barbour and the like has saw me in good hand's knowing what expectation's to have when buying decent outerwear, even though I wouldn't look at C.P anymore going through the whole of their urban protection range in the past and appreciating the jackets material's and qualities they had gives you a certain quality count in regards to what you love and what you come to expect.
Over the past 4 year's or so I have gone through certain transformation's in my life after re-evaluating what I was doing, where I was going and action's I was taking. So my outlook changed, my personality has changed and although my taste in clothing has changed slightly the what I expect factor from clothing still remains and is stronger than ever except now I examine the fit and the cut of the cloth.
At the end of the day it is only clothing but when you share a passion for something that's it.... you can't turn it off, it's like music or films or photography or art.
You don't suddenly wake up one day and think "I'm done with this now"...... it just get's deeper.

So back to where I was at in the start. My point being that my expectation's in outerwear has outgrown everything else I fantasize over (apart from denim) and for that part I can thank my past.
Only problem now is my expectation's, something which hasn't been dented for quite a while now as I would rather buy one stand alone jacket than 3 that I might wear on rotation.
Enter the room Mackintosh, they never fail to deliver for me and this Clisham jacket is easily right up there with the best jacket's I've owned.
Coming in forest green Mackintosh bonded rubberised cotton it epitomises everything I want in a jacket.
I do like to keep a certain moodyness or character shall we say in a hooded jacket and this has it.
The cut is amazing and it fit's perfectly, with waist and cuff adjusters
Zip closure with poppers
Cord collar
Adjustable removable hood
Hand sealed and rubber taped seams
Slanted hand pockets
Underarm ventilation
Double vented rear
Hand made in Scotland

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