Monday, 17 September 2012

Norse Projects Incoming...By Saul Wilks

I haven't bought any Norse Projects for a long time and the stuff I have bought I've moved on seeing as Norse is kind of like the new Penfield. However, one of my favourite pieces of outwear to this day is the Norse X Elka waterproof which I have from the first run they did a few years back, in dark forest green.

The simplicity of the Elka rain jacket has always appealed to me greatly and love them or hate them, they just look cool. No if's, no but's... Just cool.

When I saw that Norse had released this killer jacket in a gorgeous red for this AW I couldn't resist and duly snapped it up, better still, I've only seen one place stocking this colour on domestic shore's which is pretty ace seeing as the yellow version, although a thing of utter beauty, quickly became one of the most seen jackets around certain areas of London town over the past year.

These jackets get a lot of mixed press as some argue that the material is clammy and uncomfortable but I would whole heartedly disagree - for a pedigree waterproof manufacturer such as Elka, the choice of material is simple - the one that's going to keep you dry as, after all, that's the essence of a waterproof jacket.

I've never found the material to be too clingy and I've worn it to festivals, on sunny days and in pissing down rain. Granted, you wouldn't wear it out during July, but for this time of year when the sun is packing up and the rain gods are coming on strong, there's not a better bit of kit to have at your disposal.

As always when I've landed a new bit of cloth that I'm made up with, I took to the tropical Welsh climate to have an impromptu photo shoot to show how good this jacket looks in action. You know the drill - lots of timer setting and posing from here on in.

Oh, and the new Nike's got their first run out... They don't look too shabby either!


  1. Looks great Wilks, what size did u go for? Also, whats the cap?

  2. Thanks mate, I went for a size small as I know how these fit already and it's perfect - the cap is the oatmeal tweed Barbour baker boy from a few years ago.