Saturday, 27 October 2012

By Look or Crook...By Saul Wilks

Unless you've only just started following Sinister D or have stumbled upon this blog by mistake looking for cake recipes then you'll probably know how much I like dicking around with my camera. I won't lie, I love posing for photos - Some might say I'm an exhibitionist at heart, or others might just think I'm a tart. I'm probably a mix of both to be fair.

However, one thing I can't deny and the main point that I hope comes across when I plaster the blog with photos of me standing around pretending as if I'm not being photographed is my unabated passion for clothing, from the full get up right down to the fine details.

I recently maxed out my camera's flash card so I decided to take a trip through the reels of snaps I've taken over the past two years I've had it and have a good nose. Along the way I picked out a selection I thought would fit in nicely here, you know the one's - looking into the distance pondering my next purchase, or the obligatory and timeless shoe detail shot.

I always enjoy looking back to see what I was wearing and when; I recently unearthed a couple of old photographs taken when I was about 16 at the match, all Lacoste shirts, Stone Island jackets and Borg Elites. Great days.

Anyway, here's a little look back over the past two year's at some of the looks and hooks that were getting dropped...

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