Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Earls Apparel.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Hickoree's store in America have some amazing gear for sale and if there wasn't such a ridiculous tax when importing from the USA I would shop here a hell of a lot more.

I was after another pair of green fatigue trousers and after trying my hand at both Engineered Garments and Post Overalls I thought I would try my hand on these Earls Apparel made in Texas.
They are in fact as good as the Engineered Garments reverse sateen trousers which made me feel a little bit sick on money spent so far on similar trousers.
They are a very substantial mid weight cotton sateen trouser and look as good as all the other efforts I have previously had for a fraction of the price and anyone or shop that try's to convince you otherwise is simply "having you off".
Great service from Hickoree's as ever and I had to put up the fold out newspaper that reveal's the store's stock items in pencil drawing which was done by New York based Liza Corsillo who's illustration work can be found here below....

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