Monday, 3 December 2012

Folk Tri-Colour...By Saul Wilks

To go hand in hand with the following Goodstead post, here's the spoils of Saturday afternoon's in-store visit; The extremely handsome tri-colour button down shirt from old favourite, Folk.

I'd already made mental notes about this one before purchasing it on Saturday just, indeed the multi coloured detail of the buttons had me signed sealed and delivered from the moment I first rested cross-hairs on it when it first went live.

I've found Folk to be quite hit and miss the past few seasons and this is the only garment I've bought from the said label for a good while now, however I really liked the original version of this particular shirt but I never got round to adding it to my wardrobe, so this updated version is a more than welcome addition.

Material wise and in general terms of construction this is up there with some of the best winter shirts I own. The heavy yet soft cotton material makes for a warming layer perfect for wearing under a decent knit (with ace tri colour buttons on show of course) or as a general everyday shirt.

For a oner you can't really complain, it's just a shame Folk can't put out stuff like this all the time!

Still, this is a killer bit of kit for these cold times and I'm made up with another decent pre-Christmas buy.

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