Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Step Back In Time.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Christmas just gone I had plenty of time to burn and spent a good couple of hours rummaging through my in law's photo's, my mother in law is a special lady for sure and there's not many men who can say that.
I don't think there is anything that she hasn't gone through & she has done her time in life ten fold over. She is one of those people who's knowledge, life experience and wisdom just simply shines through in her attitude, her open mindedness and personality. Her door is always open and she has a listening ear unlike any other, beautiful inside and out as these photo's from back in the day show.

She know's how to party and shows up the majority of people half her age and can easily do a 24 hour bender still which is one of her greatest qualities, first and last on the dancefloor and I'm paying homage to her as a proper party girl, there aren't many women like her, more soul than KFC and a diamond in the rough that is Cardiff.

Some of the photo's go back to the 1940's but I didn't find many attached dates or years so I can only put them up with a guess date from the family.
She was born in Cardiff in 1948. I won't try to put them in any order just which one's I liked most, the photo booth pictures below from the mid 1960's on to the late 60's early 70's being the one's that took my eye, the cheeky one on the right photo 1 and pictured solo in photo 2....

I think she was around 17 in this photo which would date it to 1965 and back to a time when pictures showed pure innocence and a great sense of dressing with more pride in place.
Below then at a guess is around a year later 1966, fresh faced.....
I have a couple of photo's of her father and this first one must be (at a guess during the second world war) between 1939 and 1945, I love this photo looking at the haircuts and seeing that a very similar cut is quite current today, as they say everything comes back round.....

Again the next 2 photo's we are guessing are the late 60's, that soft look she has is still present in this day just with added wisdom.
Then the rest of the photo's follow into the 1970's in the brown tunic....

I had a good laugh at this one, must be a girls day out on the train I think, just pure characters from Cardiff, mid 70's at a guess on a works outing.

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