Sunday, 6 January 2013

Barbour x Yoshida Tokito...By Saul Wilks

This A/W was bit of a weird one for me on the buying front. Usually I'm dead set on at least one or two new bits of outwear ready for the coming cold but this year I just wan't feeling it. The exception came from Barbour's superb on going collaboration with Yoshida Tokito, in the form of the masterful herringbone fishing jacket.

Unfortunately the days of nipping out into London town on a Tuesday afternoon while my missus is in work, or catching the 5.30am train to Manc and coming home with hundred's of quid's worth of clobber are long gone, although I must admit to having tried this on in Liberty on several occasions while self consciously fingering my credit card.

I think the amount of times I mentioned this jacket to my girl probably numbered in the hundreds, so you can image how made up I was on Christmas morning when she gave me a perfectly wrapped gift that contained said jacket. Fair play to her, although I'm sure she was close to giving it to me a few weeks prior to Christmas just to shut me up, such was my persistence.

Anyway, I've worn it a couple of times now and it's incredibly warm and saved me from certain pneumonia on Friday night as I walked to the match. Barbour might be hammered these days but you can't deny the quality of the Tokito collaborations. I've long since been an admirer of the cinnamon Shoreman jacket as well and wait patiently for one to come up in my size.

Moving onto business, I took my camera out with me for a brisk Sunday walk this afternoon and took the opportunity to take some photographs, as I'm sure you know I like to do, of this quite amazing piece of outwear.

For the curious readers, the accompaniments are Red Tokito button knit, 4-Year old Nudie and Native Craftworks...

And the beautiful tropical Welsh climate of course

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