Thursday, 21 February 2013

Early bird mix up.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I love putting out music and mixes on a Friday but I'm off tomorrow morning for a well earned little break so I'm going to put them up now, get as excited as you want but "DON'T" listen to them until tomorrow evening when it's officially Friday and groove time because if you do the Boogie man will get you when you're asleep.

A couple of Boogie based mixes here, the first from Belgium's Spirit Catcher and then one made special for our other blog BoogieCartel by Glowing Palms.

While I'm on the subject we have revamped The Boogie Cartel blog and it's updated daily with music, interviews, guest slots from lot's of other DJ's into similar thing's as us and you can find that link below, check out the Krystal Klear track with Jenna G on there which will be in a mini mix I'm doing this week and also the massive Haywoode track, it's worth it.

Boogie House & Disco, you should know the drill by now on here....

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