Friday, 1 February 2013

Tender Woad Dyed Guards Jacket...By Saul Wilks

I've had my heart set on Tender Co's beautiful dyed woad guards jacket for some time, at one point even considering a costly import from Hickorees just to get my hands on one. As it happened one in my size popped up on eBay for a third of it's normal retail price. Not shy of a bargain I readily snapped the sellers hand off and now have this magnificently crafted jacket perched in the wardrobe ready for Summer.

The lighting in my living room doesn't quite capture the fades and dying process as I would have hoped, but hopefully you get the gist with these pictures and just how lovely this piece really is.

I've got some traditional French Breton on stand by ready for the summer, so I'm all set for some strong Napoleonic vibes going down when I finally come to breaking this out.

Hat's off to Tender though, the Suffolk based label has already been coveted well on here and my enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to British handmade goods and clothing as good as this.

Seriously top draw clobber...

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