Sunday, 3 March 2013

Flight Facilities History Mixtapes.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I've had this idea for a mix going on for almost 2 years now where I would choose a song or two from each year since the birth of the Football Casual with added bit's of news played over the top from various documentaries, points of history and of course the bbc news spoken word on the second summer of love and basically the whole culture and every form of ingredient that make's/made it up from the start but finding the time for such a project in recent times is pretty difficult with everything currently going on (it will be made though).
So when I heard these mixes for the first time I was gutted (that someone had got there first) but also loved them equally as I could appreciate them for what they are and the creativeness of them full stop.

The Flight Facilities were given a month's residency on the JJJ mix up radio show down under, a pretty decent call for anyone who plays a record or three.
So they had an hour long mix every Saturday but instead of playing live or putting together the music they love most they decided to do 4 mixes an hour long each that spans a decade with important points of history thrown in as samples (not exactly what I am doing but you can see the similarity and why I loved it).

These are well worth listening to, the one thing I would say though unfortunately is that they have used edits and remixes from over the years of a track from a certain time, so instead of chopping up and mixing Michael Mcdonald's "I keep forgetting" they used Solomun "love recycled" for example.
So the same tracks but just up to date versions, which is fine but I think for a project like this the originals should have been used (not taking anything away from them just my personal preference when highlighting the particular date's and times and history).

They were aired in October 12 but only this past month did they make the mixes available to download and so far only two of them but these were the best ones anyway......

1972-1982 1982-1992

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