Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sampled Part 4.... by Shaun Dangerfield

This comes from 2 of my favoured old school flavours in the form of Timex Social Club and Club Nouveau.
This all out started out in 1982 as a group of school kids from Berkeley High School in California, originally called Timex Crew but as they gained more members they changed the name to Timex Social Club playing this amazing post Disco R&B cross dance/new jack swing and all those qualities shine through in each of the groups.

Club Nouveau were formed in 1986 by Jay King the founder member of the collapsed Timex Social, the name meaning "New Club".
Timex Social Club had a hit with the amazing "Rumours", when Timex broke up Jay King reproduced the original backing of that record with new vocals called "Jealousy" in a dig at former members.
It was what it was, but for me not as raw as Timex's version.
It was the same sound as Timex and it was also the same artwork, I've got vinyl of both and the covers are identical in style, I'll throw a photo up later and it's all interesting (well to me anyway) but these are the two said tracks.

Sample side of things where do we start, apart from Club Nouveau sampling Timex (which doesn't really count) there is a long list of artists who have used both the groups material mostly Hip Hop tracks as always.

We'll start with Timex and one of my favourite jams "Rumours" (first video above).
As I said it was always going to be heavily sampled in the Hip Hop world because it's perfect for it, and on the vinyl there is a dub only mix and an alternative mix and both give great sampling bass lines which is where I got it from for the track I made Boogie Cartel "Love Games".

Also snipped on House Of Pains "Back from the Dead" and looped over on believe it or not Goldie Lookin Chain "Half Man Half Machine", you can google those if you wish I won't put them up here as I think they are both gash but you have to go through it, however if we go back to 1991 and South Central Cartel we have the track "Hookaz" which is worth a mention....

I'll move on now to the track that will probably be most recognised from Timex Social Club with "Thinkin about ya" which again was heavily reworked by Club Nouveau in the form of "Why you treat me so bad".
1995's Luniz "I got 5 on it".
1997's Taral Hicks "How can I get over you".
1999's P Diddy/R Kelly "Satisfy You".

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