Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"... by Shaun Dangerfield

Being quite a fussy complex character to buy for, after 32 years people have finally realised what I like and the things that make me tick.
I appreciate any present or gift but there's only so many Lynx box sets you can go through.

On my birthday earlier in the month I had some amazing gifts.  A good friend of mine who I work with now but I've known for years through going to the football bought me a new version of "Rumours" in box set form, we spend a fair amount of time during work talking about music and although we aren't really into the same things we can appreciate each others tastes.

I've always said that this album was one of the biggest albums in my life, I've got 3 copies of the album because if I see it for sale I usually buy it (ya know for back up) because it's nice to give them a good home.

This box set includes a book with some great photos of the band and as well as the vinyl it houses 5 discs.
The album on cd
Live 1977 world tour cd
Recording sessions 'more'... cd
Recording sessions, roughs and outtakes cd
and "The Rosebud Film" dvd by Michael Collins
It's an amazing package and a truly treasured item.

I first heard Mac through my fathers tastes as a young boy, it's one of those soothing moments in life that you don't forget and carry through into your teens and adulthood.
As you grow up and explore one of my biggest findings was obviously realising these tracks i'd heard through my old man had obviously come from an album and aged 14 years old there I had found it in all it's beautiful glory.

When I started going "out" out at the age of 15 (wrong I know but boys will be boys) and getting on it on the weekends my Sundays became my chill out time, reflecting and thinking about whatever's on my mind and this album was literally hammered through my growing up, the biggest memories getting back Sunday evenings after a hard weekend at it starting up my amp and mixer and decks, plugging my headphones in and listening to and unwinding through the blissful but heartbreaking A side before hearing the crackle and pop at the end of 'Songbird' unsettling my slumber for a quick change over on the flip side.

There's not many albums I can listen to from start to finish (because I'm picky really) but this is and always will be in that category, raw 1977 gold.

Full of emotion, heartbreak, love, make up and break up a truly powerful inspiring album.

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