Monday, 15 July 2013

Ally Capellino Re-wax.... by Shaun Dangerfield

"I picked the bag up from the floor at the back of the decks on stage.  I was slightly wrecked so only glanced at it for a few seconds.... looks a bit dirty (now if I recognise this wrecked at 5am I know it's actually really filthy) but it's too late to think about it now the damage has been done"

I put my bag in the taxi and headed off to an after party not too far away.
I nestled into the apartment on arrival and threw it into the corner like the filthy bag deserved, used and abused everyone looking at it in disgust knowing full well it was an absolute filth bag, when they say dogs look like their owners I've never felt more twinned with something.  I couldn't even look at it.

All drama aside I've hammered this bag, it goes everywhere with me and over time it has turned into an unwaxed lemon tinted leather twisted mess, it was a big job but someone had to do it.

I'm only messin' it's what's supposed to happen to it, and as sad as this sounds I love the clean up operation and re-wax.  I know, mock me all you want, but I couldn't wait to get it in the bath, the filth bag.

A good wash later and a soak of the leather for straightening out and it was hung out to dry for 24 hours before I set upon it with a twitchy eye, a racing heart and a tin of Barbour wax.
I climaxed.

That's obviously a lie.

It was good though.  I was going to coat it twice to get rid of any patchiness but I like it just as it is.

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