Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ardour Brand Indigo Line.... by Shaun & Saul

We are now just over two months in, due to not wanting to stretch ourselves too early we had the original intentions of keeping Ardour accessory based until after Christmas but that is now null and void as we couldn't help but get involved in the clothing side of things.

We are trying to not create a single look but to incorporate all the different styles we both enjoy and wear ourselves and it was only a matter of time before we dived head first into the world of natural dye.
It's something that has fascinated me long before Ardour and being able to achieve those intense colours is something we want to bring into a line under our label, using natural indigo pigment we have started on a line of clothing in tee's, sweatshirts, scarves and squares in various colours and washes.

We want to share what we do as we do it and these are the samples of the two tee's which we will be bringing out over the next few weeks.
One being a heavy overdyed deep indigo tee and the other being our light wash indigo tee.
The T-shirts are made in England and then hand dyed by us locally in England.

A much shortened step by step photo diary of where we are at, from the indigo up to the overdye tee, and lastly the light wash indigo tee drying and then pictured with our Ebbets cap hopefully showing the intense colours we are trying to create.

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