Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ardour Brand Tri-fold Leather Customisable Wallet.... by Shaun and Saul

We have been designing a Tri-fold wallet out of a soft vegetable tanned leather for a little while now.

It has room for 6 cards, it has a coin and key pouch, the note compartment and also a brass eyelet for a lanyard.

It is available in natural leather or you can choose what colour leather you would like and where, you can have two or three coloured leather pieces on there, a full block colour or a colour inner with a natural leather outer to develop and age yourself, the option is there to pretty much do as you like with it.
For example, if you would like a natural leather outer with an Oxblood leather inner, we can do it, if you want a certain colour we can try and match it for you.

It is then finished off with our hot branded logo, again you can choose where you would like it, the wallet is now live on the website at..... ArdourBrandlargeLeatherWallet

You can of course have it completely natural and untouched so that it ages with you and develops a natural patina as it darkens from use.  It will be made from scratch with a 10 day turnaround time for cutting, dyeing, stitching and manufacturing.

At the bottom I have included a shot of my own wallet which is around 14 months old and started out in exactly the same natural leather as our new wallet pictured on the left....

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