Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Band of Outsiders Anorak...By Saul Wilks

No matter how much we stick on that elusive BBQ sunset mix or keep our sunglasses at close quarters for the hope the sun breaks through the clouds, the weather has definitely turned - but that's cool. Everyone know's autumn and winter are the best months for digging out our best clobber and there's just something more satisfying about wearing outwear in shitty weather.

I fall into a certain category of gentlemen that happen to find the anorak or waterproof one of the coolest garments around, why others of the same thinking and indeed myself hold such regard for this particular piece of clothing often evades me, but I guess it's because the simplicity of the design and that feeling of wearing something that by rights shouldn't really look good on, but does, all add's to the attraction.

I've had many a'cagoule, anorak and wind-breaker pass through my wardrobe over the years, from my days as an up and coming scally where vintage Lacoste, K-way and old battered Peter Storm's were order of the day, through to the more recent Norse Elka's,  and I've loved them all.

Band of Outsiders is a label I've always admired from afar, especially their superb and simple jackets - many of which I've often salivated over. Scott Sternberg certainly has a great eye for beautiful, contemporary cuts and simple but sharp silhouettes - details that greatly appeal to me.

End Clothing are one of the only stockists here in the UK and this jacket was very much a part of my hit list for a long time, until it eventually disappeared after I waited too long for a reduction. I've searched for one ever since, both in the red and mustard colurways - both of which are equally as ace.

I've always consorted with yank ebay in the hope that one would crop up and low and behold after two years of looking one finally did, brand new with tags and for a mere 180 notes I had one shipped from the States. It arrived today and it's amazing - I can truthfully say that it's even more killer in the flesh than it looks on the net, finished in a waxed cotton and sharper than a stanley.

Sternberg must surely fall into the bracket of the aforementioned anorak appreciation society, for he has made one of my favourite pieces of clothing even more appealing, paring up classic vibes with the added inclusion of some carefully placed pockets and some other great details such as contrast white inner and smartly positioned neck tab.

I've often said previously that the pictures I've often taken have not really done the jacket I'm snapping justice, but I think in this instance that's not the case, looking carefully at the photos I've taken the simplicity of the design is unmistakeably effective, I could quite happily look at it for hours. That's the appreciation I feel for garments that are understated in design to the point they are just beautiful and this is the case here.

I've had many new purchases pass through since the last time I did a post like this, but I had to share this one. Accompaniments for the day were some well worn in Nudie selvedge, Our Legacy marl Great sweat, classic Burlington Argyle's and Pointer suede monk-strap's - pretty much a staple look, but one I love.

I've got a few more bits to post up over the next few weeks that deserve some blog space but for now I'll leave you with these.

Unfortunately I dropped my camera dicking about with the settings after I had taken these and I am therefore now camera-less.

Today has been a great day, but a sad one at that.

RIP Canon Eos 400D, you have served me well x

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