Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Diskery Birmingham.... by Shaun Dangerfield

On our last visit to The Diskery myself and Saul came out with a hefty wedge of vinyl that certainly tantalised our musical tastebuds.
We love this place, old school and easy going.  On a number of occasions now the pound section has come up trumps but we also keep pulling out those rare jams.

It is fairly rock biased but has a lovely little section of Disco, Soul, Funk and other assorted goodies from 80's electro and Boogie to synth that always crop up.
On my last but one trip there we managed to pick out some proto and early house and it just seem's to keep on delivering (or we buy what nobody else wants?.....).

Located in the centre of Birmingham it's becoming ritual now when he's up to go here for a few hours before a massive mixed grill in town, let me tell you boys and girls the lad Saul can eat, he can eat almost as fast as he can flick through record sleeves.

I've put a couple of photos up and a record that I found in there last from Project Future on Capitol Records, 1983 beef.... just add gravy.

"Boogie Cartel On Tour"

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