Monday, 10 February 2014

Forestbound…. by Shaun Dangerfield

I'm a sucker for a good passion based story, especially about individuals who are into something and create themselves a niche from it.

Alice Saunders created her own business Forestbound in Boston from her love of vintage and having the vision to recreate, while doing my rounds for vintage cloth and materials I found her website and browsed through her handmade goods that she so proudly creates from vintage military items and vintage textiles, canvases, denims and leathers.

I'm sure her products are an acquired taste but they are right up my street, when a fabric or material can almost shout out what it's about, it's history and where it's been well then I'm hooked, you got me, it had me at hello.

I have attached a few photo's of her work but I found a great video which tell a lot more about her than I ever could on a blog piece so I have attached those below too.

There is also a great vintage section on there selling pretty much classic vintage American products, this New Hampshire Paper Service sweatshirt is such a great looking piece, and I've earmarked the WW2 US Navy sewing kit too, lovely kit.

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