Saturday, 1 March 2014

Against modern football... by Shaun Dangerfield

I am fully aware of how football has gone in recent years as are most lads of a certain background but it's gone much deeper than that now.
This past few weeks has ruined whatever I had left for the game, watching Wayne Rooney spitting his dummy out of his pram year after year and getting rewarded for doing so was the final nail in the coffin for me, 300k a week for a decent player that gets lost on international duty and was at one time contemplating a move across to City, he deserves nothing in my eyes and the obscene money that he's now on for kicking a ball just shows that the game has finally gone.

After a few years out I bought a season ticket this year for the Albion, players on 30k a week playing out their half hearted performances while striving to stay up purely for the board to be rewarded with more big money from Sky that we will never see put back into the team in the hope that maybe, just maybe we might finish 10th.
No thanks.

I started watching them in 87 seeing the full demise of West Bromwich witnessing us enter the old third division for the first time in our history, cutting my teeth going from ground to ground seeing the sights of Darlington and Southend, Exeter to Torquay and watching some of the worst football matches in the cup that anyone could ever witness, losing away at Halifax and getting knocked out the cup by Woking, I won't lie it was grim at times but it was the best time I've had at the football comparing to what I have to see and try to be part of now.
Seeing the same faces week in week out, it was our game, a working class release paying 8 quid and seeing some absolute dumps, Wigan's old Springfield Grass bank away end, Stockport away on a midweek night match pissing down, I miss it, I miss those days, no expectations just simply going out and whatever happens, happens.

We brought a new manager in from Spain 5 weeks ago, Pepe Mel, known for his love of attacking football with which he is trying to bring into play, except this week the players have hit out saying they don't like his tactics and they can't play this way, that they are not willing to try and play his attacking football. Really ? And they want me to support them and pay my money to enjoy that attitude while they earn a ridiculous amount of money. Do they even care ? each and every one of them when they have a good season starts speculating their future in the papers, maybe they could get a better deal and move elsewhere, maybe get a better club on more money because they can't survive on 30 thousand pounds a week, not comfortably anyway…. makes me sick.
The jokes on us really isn't it.

This past year watching Cardiff's heritage ruined in a few short months and seeing Hull going through similar, while protesting continuously against the club they love to not get it renamed because the modern day owners are so far up their own backsides they can't understand why a fan base wouldn't agree with changing the heart, soul and history of the club.

Name changes, Colour changes, Kit changes, Town/City changes, Crest changes, no commitment, no pride, no loyalty.
Bored of it.

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