Monday, 10 March 2014

Disco Monday... by Shaun Dangerfield

I've not posted up some proper in depth sounds for a little while, and seeing as I have a spare ten tonight I thought I would post some of my favourite Disco licks.

Starting with an uptempo game changer, an absolute classic that takes apart the dance floor whenever I play it out, it builds, it mellows, it builds up again before exploding into a glitter ball of energy.

Released in 79' on the ace Tabu Records, Brainstorm 'Hot For You' -

Next up is another love of mine in the form of Sylvester... voice, character and love are the three words to describe him best.

There is no best time to play this, it's good any time of the day or night.
'Over and Over' was released in 77' on San Francisco's Fantasy records, it's 9 and a half minutes of pure joy, drop the needle on it and set it alight then spend then next 9 minutes watching it burn…

Next up is the one record that I can't find, and if I could I know it would cost me £500 plus, it's as rare as hens teeth.
I have a digital copy to listen to but it's not good enough to play out unfortunately, a boogie funk monster that is pure synth joy and if there's one thing that get's us here at Sinister towers it's a female vocal, myself and Saul are smitten with a great female vocal and at 34 seconds it turns into an absolute face melter that I know would devastate a dance floor at the right time, I will 100% get this 12" one day, at whatever cost that may be and when I do I'm going to lock myself away for a good 12 hours and play it continuously to myself until I'm physically drained.

Subway's Ten Toes Up e.p, this being the track 'Whats In The Dark'….

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