Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Set Up... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Decided eventually to give myself a complete set up musically, something I can keep adding to until I'm happy with it all... which will probably be never because I change quicker than the British weather.

Although the top top end were the 2000's they were really full of features I probably wouldn't need like the screen and wave system etc so I went for the Pioneer 900's that are quite simply perfect, they will sit perfectly around the Pioneer djm 900 mixer and within the next month or 2 I'll be upgrading the Stanton's decks for some more legendary Technics 1210's but the mark 5 version (why I sold them a few years ago I don't know) all housed together and framed up, I love my music and this will be it's platform for many years to come, I'm also going to add a 3rd vinyl deck the contemporary Vestax bdt 2500 turntable (photo above) purely for its looks and belt drive and for playing 45's on which will sit on the top of the frame next to the cd recorder.... all in good time though, looking forward to start making the frame up next week once this weekend is out the way, off to support Trojan Soundsystem tonight (well in about an hour) in Islington London at the Horatia so if your about pop by and hear a couple of hours of our Boogie Cartel sounds and then the stage is Trojans......


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