Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tres Bien Clothing Presents Nigel Cabourn s/s 2012.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

As everything has calmed down now and other labels shoots from Pitti fill our world wide web I have noticed quite a few pieces I am personally looking forward to getting my hands on.

Tres Bien who are without doubt one of the worlds greatest clothing retailers purely by the range of labels they churn out have released their photos from Pitti showcasing spring and summer 2012 from Yuketen, Nanamica and Nigel Cabourn all of which look stunning but it's Mr Cabourn I am yet again focusing on because it gives me great pleasure in looking at it buying it and wearing it which at the end of the day is quite simply the whole point of it all.

His multi colour stripe breton shirt is a focus for me already owning a very similar Roue Libre effort I will be getting my hands on it, and if I have to tear it from the clutches of someone else then that's what will happen..... well maybe not but I'll try and secure one with good old fashioned money.

This A/W looks tasty from him too but seeing as it's about his S/S 2012 collection I'll leave you with what Tres Bien uploaded to Flckr, be sure to check them out too @


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  1. It is possible to find out that shirt ??