Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Percival styling...

New labels that have a slightly different slant and take on modern and classic designs is somewhat of a cliche these days. With every man and his dog pouncing upon the work wear and outdoor band wagon, it feels as though the various online and street boutiques catering for the style conscious gents among us is saturated with knock off designs and identikit copies of fisherman's jackets and 60/40 parkas.

It certainly gets a little tiresome, sweeping through racks of the same jacket or shirt, or bouncing around East London and seeing the same get up about 30 times between son of a stag and Liverpool Street. That's why I've become really interested and impressed by London based label, Percival.

One might draw similarities between the classic, laid back but ultimately smart ethos of the label and that of Albam, with it's big round white buttons on it's waxed macs and neat, crispy crease lines - but the S/S011 collection is very much a hive of stylish options for the British Summer time and beyond.

For what it's worth, here's a selection of my favourite bits from the collection.

Saul Wilks

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