Friday, 22 July 2011

Maine Guide..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

More hand made footwear in from California.
Yuki Matsuda pulls out all the stops with his footwear, not all tasteful I must admit but when they get it right "they get it right".
This is my 4th pair of Yuketen and it's hard to see past them at the moment, unfortunately with greatness comes hype and he is getting a fair old amount of attention now meaning it could go a few ways for the brand.
One thing that is undeniable though is how long the Yuketen footwear will last me and I'm glad I've picked up what I wanted from them the past few years before they maybe go overboard with their design's (fingers crossed they don't).
Blue leather hand stitched upper, leather lining and stitched Vibram christy sole is part of the making of this special shoe, this is the low top silhouette as I just had no need for another pair of boots but all the need for a blue leather, devil's in the detailing and I'm a sucker for detail.
If I had to question one thing about Yuketen it would quite simply be that their boxes are not good enough, when you thrive on details you want to be seeing and feeling something in presentation even if it's only for a few minutes and you never see it again.... like a kid at xmas the unwrapping is as exciting as the waiting and the owning.


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