Sunday, 24 July 2011

An afternoon spent in the sunshine - By Saul Wilks

I seldom get a free weekend when I'm not gallivanting or, much to my chagrin, working. So it was a luxury to be able to soak up the gorgeous weather we were blessed with Saturday. My Girlfriend and I decided to go to Cardiff (Capital of Wales, for overseas readers) for the afternoon to generally lark about and get drunk. Oh, and of course I took my camera, which is literally glued to my face at the moment.

After consuming a rather fruity bottle of wine in the park near Cardiff castle we decided to continue our summer inspired session around the city before going for some tapas (nice) and then catching the train back to my home town where, once alighted, we stumbled back along the river front to my house.

All in all a rather enjoyable day spent enjoying life and living happy !

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