Tuesday, 16 August 2011

All good things come in brown envelopes...By Saul Wilks

After clambering out of bed today at the unearthly hour of half one (don't judge me, I'm on my days off) I  found a rather neat, crisp A4 brown envelope sitting on my inner door mat waiting for me. Nice.

After hastily opening the said envelope I found it was from those creative chaps up north in 'Cottonopolis' displaying their new A/W stock with their usual worker-come models sporting their choice garms in the form of the illustrated talents of Ben Lamb.

Something to help the brain tick over when not trying to render myself skint for Christmas...

I've added a couple of shots of some of the art work and pages - not a bad little publications for the pricey sum of sweet fuck all. Tidy.

Nice one Oi Polloi....

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