Monday, 15 August 2011

Focus On Detail part 2.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I love in between season's waiting for new collection's to come out, some more than other's like Nigel Cabourn and Engineered Garments but after the last few years I probably expected too much and apart from the odd piece nothing greatly jumping out, especially this winter's surface jacket from Mr Cabourn which he has made look like a glorified Barbour jacket unlike the superb efforts he released in January.
While I think the colour's are playing a big part in it, the adding of a slanted chest pocket and then in a waxed cotton hasn't really helped it's cause in my eye's and I'm glad I got this summers green surface because I wouldn't have touched the new version's.
All my own opinion of course everybody has different taste's.
Same with Engineered Garments to be honest, very uninspiring after what I felt was a good spring and summer for the New York giants, a few tweaks here and there but all pretty much same old same old unfortunately, maybe time to move my attention's elsewhere, keep what I have and move on, the other thing that stand's out like a sore thumb is the hike in prices again, while I can appreciate that this is the price of hype in recent time's, in the current climate the idea of cashing in as much as possible doesn't quite sit right with me.
In saying that I can't help but fall for the deep tan and tweed cameraman - what a jacket.
As I said there are a couple of pieces that are class and this is one of them and I think it's worth a blog on it's own but I'll just put up the picture of it to show it's detail's which is what this series of posting is about, so below I give you the winter Cabourn cameraman and then some detail shots of his summer green surface jacket and my favourite Engineered Garm's flannel shirt.

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