Thursday, 11 August 2011

La Belle E'choppe - A touch of French perfection... By Saul Wilks

While on my recent visit to France I was pointed in the direction of fine purveyors of French Craftsmanship and all round ace website / store, La Belle E'choppe.

I dropped the chaps behind the project an email asking a little about their set up and was presently intrigued by their outlook and attitude towards detail and finery. The concept of La Belle E'Choppe comes from the creative minds behind French Trotters and, collaborating to form a boutique dedicated to bringing the best French produce, be it garments, footwear or accessories.

I've picked a couple of choice items that I love, both for their design, look and character. I strongly advise checking out the website and to have a little read of their fantastic blog.

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