Saturday, 13 August 2011

Something for when the rain hits... By Saul Wilks.

It's always good to have protection against the elements, whether that's a big thick parka in winter or a waterproof for the inevitable rain this country is blessed with - Wales more than most has its fair share of rain fall so being prepaired is a good idea.

I've got a few decent waterproofs hanging on stand by in my wardrobe but there's always room for more - I love the look of a good, well cut rain jacket or cagoule...

Folks updated version of their staple season to season rainmac hasn't interested me before, until it came out in pale red. For some reason I've become obsessed with this colourway and the past couple of purchases i've made - which i'll go on to blog in a little while, have all contained this ace colour.

Thanks to Yodel, previously DHL, being incompetent and failing to deliver an item from Folk on time (Had to end up driving twenty odd miles to pick the thing up) the good people at Folk gave me a discount code to use to apologise for the late delivery... It will be put to good use in landing this cheeky little number, to give those grey rainy days spent exploring the canyons of London that little bit of brightness and unquestionable, cool panache'... Blinding result.

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