Thursday, 22 September 2011

Brighton Rock...By Saul Wilks

The coastal haven of Brighton is probably one of my favourite places in the UK. I could spend hours rummaging around the countless brick-a-brac and collectors shops, not to mention get lost in the historic lanes.

The weekend just passed, I took my girl down there for some Saturday afternoon seaside frolics... Much fun was had exploring the inestimable back streets, vintage shops and of course the record shops (much to the chagrin of a very tolerant girlfriend - although I did fear for my bollocks when I asked for a little more time to comb through one of the finest selections of of boogie I've ever come across, in an unadvertised gold mine above one of many vintage clothing shops)

With record purchases in hand and genitals still attached, we got full up on traditional seaside fayer and bowled around while I made the most of the very limited battery life I had left in my camera. I wish I'd been prepared a little better as there are some seriously ace photo opportunities and head turning sites for those with a thoughtful mind to feast upon when kicking it around Brighton town... and not a parka insight, for what it's worth - here's a couple of snaps I took.

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