Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Utile.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

There's a fair old argument going on lately regarding the state of play with a certain look or being part of a style and how it's basically getting hammered.
There are numerous label's that can be tied into the heritage & work wear theme's but it seem's so easy now to tie it all together as opposed to appreciating just great classic clothing built and designed around style, it doesn't always have to be about being in "that" scene or adopting "that" look, some out there actually buy their clothing centered around what they love and what they appreciate which for me is style and comfort but also something that I love looking at and love wearing.
I know it's easy to pigeon hole when there is hype surrounding certain labels and look's and the whole debate that everybody has started to look the same or people are just mimicking other's look's and sheep mentality but why can't we just be in a better place with minimal branding where people into clothing just naturally want to look a bit smarter than they did 5-10 years ago ?

Which bring's me to an understated label that although is similar in style to other labels I'm into, you can't help but take a second look as it's really well done and goes back to what I was saying that great clothing is simply great clothing and to appreciate it for what it is.
Short run's (as every young label) and hand made in England, the summer collection has a few pieces left but not much, this blog post is more about bringing the label back to the front of your thinking as they release a few more pieces and give them a bit of backing as a home grown label, looking forward to future releases.
Focusing on materials and fit, construction and design Utile pride themselves on the fact they are not on the fashion merry go round and it's more about style and how their clothing fit's your lifestyle.
Minimal branding and built to collect in your wardrobe as opposed to fast fashion and seasonal wear that loses it's flavour..... this is a different lick.

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