Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Boogie Cartel September Edition..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

As we head back down to where it all started Saturday's event at the Horse & Groom was pretty special and when you come away from it all Sunday afternoon and you feel refreshed revived and satisfied then you know it's been a good night, The Boogie Cartel is my vice, not my only pleasure obviously but something that goes deep into my heart and something I cherish.
Were proud of it & were proud of the crowd who come and see us, like minded individuals who want a party and want to get down, pretty much the same as us.
I don't know where were going but I do know that it's a pleasure to be on board of this particular soul train promoting good times good music and good vibes.
Tommy started us off and ripped through the place with some absolute monster records that have probably never saw that time of a night before for various reasons like the fact they are played at peak time and the fact that he know's his onion's and played records that are as rare as rocking horse dump, which is my personal point in that we put this night on and look forward to each other's set's as much as playing our own, how many night's do you go to where you know your just going to be in your element all night ?
Were a group of mates into similar music and these night's are where we play the music we love and that's all it is so when we see the place full and watch it going off it's simply a pleasure to be there.
Gary next up, the man who can dance the finest crab walk you have ever saw Gal' has this habit where he can pull records out of his box that you have never heard, numerous time's he's playing and we look at each other and voice "where the f**ks he get this from ?"
It was good to meet so many new faces this time round and see the vibe being created and also the new faces I didn't get to meet, I know a few there commented to Saul about reading Sinister and popping along so next time if your around come over and share a beer lads and get involved, we want those kind's of people at our night's and to keep it all what it's about for us... passion and good times with like minded people, something to build up into a night that no matter what background you are from you can turn up and help make the night what it promises to be.
After our day and night event at Big Chill House in Kings Cross last month we went back to an after party and I got chatting to some lads who were into completely different music, I didn't keep in touch because your so wrapped up in having a good time I suppose you just lose yourself but they were saying how this wouldn't usually be their thing but because of the varied music and good time people were having they really enjoyed it, I passed a few songs on to the one lad and he commented saying on how he played bass guitar and when he picked it up he could vision these song's as he played and how it had opened his mind to new music.
That one comment from him alone was worth me being there.
Back to Saturday's shindig though before I get lost and Saul's set he put together was simply electrifying, like I said when you look around and see it going off and people enjoying it as much as you the buzz is awesome.
Fingering his way like a Persian cat through an alley full of stray's he lit the room up, so much so that I instantly forgave him for dropping Jamie Principle's "your love" that I had lined up for the last 30 minutes, dropping 80's tinged synth and disco bombs around like anybody's business.... this is a hint for him to get his mix up.

I've gone on a bit now sorry, I'll leave you with a few photos and my mix from the night, I made an edit of Madonna's "lucky star" and what a pleasure it was watching everyone on the tables and getting down to it, not the last time you'll hear it that's for sure.
The last record is Ten City "that's the way love is" and it's in there because as I said I was held at gunpoint for Jamie Principle and seeing as this was such a special moment on the night I've added it so for those that were there they can look back and think "yeah"....That's the way love is.

For those reading this who are not directly involved etc go through my soundcloud homepage and click on my Facebook link to my DJ page Captain Turtle and add me on there, stay in touch and we can keep you in the loop of what we have in store for the future but November 5th is the next date for your dancing diary.

Download link for those that want it for their ipod's is the small arrow pointing down on the far right hand side of the wave mix.

Much love and thank's to all those who turned out


The Boogie Cartel September 24th 2011 @ The Horse & Groom by Captain Turtle

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