Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Tricks..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

A couple of new bit's in at the tower, I've picked up everything I pin pointed the last couple of month's and that's my lot (I think).
First up plain classic styling in the form of Oliver Spencer, very hard to photograph as it didn't seem to like it so to get the shape and silhouette I put it up against the window and light to highlight the shirt's funk.
Nice simple cut perfect for a smarter day/night out, I really fancied YMC's camo bd shirt but I just wasn't sure if it would get enough wear to warrant buying it and seeing as I think these day's before I buy anything this will definitely get more wear compared.
I don't feel the bottom photo has captured the colour properly but it show's what it's all about.

Next up is a beaut' I have been waiting for, last year a jacket that caught my attention more than anything was Monitaly's riders jacket with the colour flashes going over (or crayola jacket) as said on the style forum.
Different and striking but it didn't quite have the full look I was after and the actual style of it didn't fit in with my wardrobe, as much as I loved it an upmarket bike jacket didn't pull me in so when I saw this knocking around there was no question that it would be winging it's way to me.
Shawl collar that buttons up even further into a high neck should you so wish.
Belted and although striking it's not so stand out as the white or navy version's that are also around, the navy block version also photo'd below is nice but the whole crayola flash stripes pulled me in like a mouse with cheese, The first couple of photo's are the riders jacket I passed on last winter and below that is the shawl collar effort I picked up.


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