Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Going state side... By Saul Wilks

Avid and regular readers may remember a little post I dropped about American work wear supplier 'Pointer Brand' a little while back. If not, well firstly where have you been? and secondly, they produce some really well made, good looking work wear that is not to pricey to import to domestic shores.

The particular jacket I featured was the hickory stripe formans jacket and at the time it had all but sold out. Fast forward until a week or two back and I manage to find one on ebay for a score. Result.

This is quite a lightweight number, probably best kept tucked away until next summer (if we ever get one) but I just like the detailing and how neat and tidy it looks on. Work wear has admittedly been done to death for a few seasons now, but this is little different so where as the fashinoistas may have moved on to something else, I reckon I'll keep this for a sunny day and bust it out for some cheeky chappy antics POW !

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